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Supplier Management

Work of the Supplier Management Group

The Supplier Management Group is responsible for the following tasks for sales and installation businesses (=suppliers).

  1. Recruit and select suppliers who will participate in the public recruitment and selection bidding process.
  2. Bidding management We will manage the appropriate bidding operations.
  3. Collaboration with the project management group We work closely with the project management group, which serves as the point of contact for local governments, and discuss numerical reporting and responses to local government requests.
  4. Collaboration with the customer service group We will work closely with the customer service department, which is the point of contact for registrants, to respond to the requests of registrants and resolve misunderstandings with suppliers.
  5. Response to local governments: We report bidding results to local governments and provide business explanations for suppliers to local governments at the request of the project management group.
  6. Response to the head office We will report the bidding results to the head office.

What we can provide

  1. Experience as a business person Although we are a foreign-affiliated company with a stable business model, we also have the aspect of a venture company, redesigning it into a form that can be used in Japan and disseminating it. You can gain a variety of experience points that can only be experienced at our company.
  2. Experience gained as a foreign company If you have an aptitude for English, you will be able to actively interact with colleagues from the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc., and gain experience as an international person.
  3. Contribute to the spread of renewable energy equipment By being involved in the spread of renewable energy equipment, you can contribute to measures against climate change, which is a serious global issue. You can gain experience in work related to SDGs and ESG. Would you like to work with us to popularize the joint purchasing business of renewable energy equipment in Japan?

Must have skills

  • Graduate from a 4 -year university ( bachelor’s degree ) or have more than 4 years of work experience
  • Practical, have a sales mindset and sales skills
  • Be able to work at an office in Tokyo

Nice to have skills

  • English proficiency ( TOEIC score of 600 or above) is a plus
  • Experience in business management and ability to understand technical content
  • Practical, always conscious of improving the status of business processes, and successful in doing so.

Must have experience.

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and a results-oriented mindset.
  • You have strong communication skills and are able to build good relationships and gain the trust of the people involved, regardless of their job level.
  • Able to agree and obtain cooperation
  • Able to take on new challenges with belief and confidence

If you are interested

If you are interested, please send your resume to the address below. If you have any questions, please contact us via Google Meet or by phone.