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Empowering people,
energizing society.

Together we accelerate the energy transition. By helping millions of households make their homes more sustainable, we are on our way to a better future.

Our partners:

With the world running out of fossil fuel and the climate in danger, we need to accelerate the energy transition. So we are speeding things up. Our initiatives make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase sustainable energy products and minimise their dependency on fossil fuels.

To make this happen, we match potential customers with vetted suppliers on a large scale. Our digital platforms and expert support help to guide customers and keep them well-informed throughout the process.

Let’s make a tangible impact together.

Do you want to scale up your results? Together, we can move people to act. We help them to choose sustainable solutions including solar panels, home batteries, heat pumps and renewable energy tariffs.

We make it easy for you to reach your goals.

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Governments, associations
and companies

We help reach people and encourage them to take action. Are you looking for a partner who will help you achieve your sustainability goals and get residents, members or customers moving?

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We help you grow your business by providing a steady flow of well-informed customers. Do you want to scale up and take your business to the next level?

The iChoosr way.

We put people first. We discover what drives them, and what holds them back. How can we overcome hurdles to make their lives easier? Understanding behavior – knowing what makes people tick enables us to help them move forward. To us, this is the foundation of collective impact.

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Delivering results.

Over the past 15 years we have achieved great results in collaboration with our partners.

In the Netherlands, we work closely with Vereniging Eigen Huis. Our hundreds of partners in Belgium, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom are mainly government agencies.

We have realized more than 105,000 residential solar panel installations in the Netherlands. For a few years now, it has often been combined with home batteries and charging stations. Moreover, we see a rapid rise in heat pump installations.

Group Buying Solar
Collective Switching Energy

Cracking complexity.

By making it simple and clear, we help households shift to sustainable energy products. We explore markets, balance stakes and gather insights in our target audience. We implement our findings in our easy-to-use digital platform and additional services.

Our success depends on the happiness of customers.

We owe our success to intuitive and easy-to-use customer journeys, from first contact to successful installation.

“Efficiently managed energy contracts, coupled with reliable legal guidance. Our next venture is to transition to solar panels through VEH.”


“Assisted excellently over the phone regarding a double membership. Friendly and prompt service. Additionally, a great offer on solar panels that saves me some groundwork.”

A. Teunissen

“Received good explanation and advice about the collective purchasing of solar panels.”

H. Beeren

“Joined the collective purchasing of solar panels project. Very satisfied with how everything went, as well as the communication about it.”


Today is the day.

Excited to get started? We are too.