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Empowering people,
energizing communities.

We are helping to accelerate the energy transition, by empowering millions of households to increase their energy independence.

A selection of our partners:

The urgency to transition to sustainable energy has never been greater. We're at the forefront, helping households transition to sustainable energy solutions that reduce their environmental impact.

To achieve this, we bridge the gap between interested customers and trusted providers to scale up the adoption of clean energy products and services. Our online platforms, coupled with expert guidance, ensure customers are well informed and supported throughout their decision-making process.

Let’s make a tangible impact together.

We can help you level up your community outreach, enhance your engagement, and increase your impact! We empower people to choose sustainable energy options like rooftop solar, battery storage, heat pumps, and electricity plans sourced from 100% renewable energy.

We make reaching your goals easy.

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Program Partners

We help you reach people and move them to action. Looking for a partner to help you achieve your sustainability goals and empower your community?

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Service Providers

We help you grow your business by providing a steady flow of well-informed customers. Do you want to scale up and take your business to the next level?

The iChoosr way.

Delivering results.

Solar Switch
Texas Power Switch

Cracking complexity.

Customer happiness is key to our success.

The essence of our success lies in intuitive and hassle-free customer experiences—from the initial interaction to the successful delivery of the service.

“The program has saved me hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of dollars. I spent more than 300 dollars on electricity, and more every month”


“A seamless transition! This has been such a positive experience. I would definitely recommend it.”


“Texas Power Switch provides competitive energy plans for those who may want to save money.”

Louis MooreTexas

“I am particularly happy with the program for the following reasons: They are supported by my city; the rates are economically competitive; the process of switching is very smooth and glitch-free; they take care of all the details and keep me updated and informed throughout the process.”


Today is the day.

Excited to get started? We are too.