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A trusted long-term partner.

For the past 15 years, iChoosr has been dedicated to helping partners achieve tangible outcomes. We understand the challenges that come with reaching your goals, and that's why we're here to simplify the path for you. You can count on us to have your back throughout the journey.

Partnered with over 200 communities
Organized more than 265 auctions
Engagement with over 2 million households worldwide

We help you scale up.

Our partnerships are designed to minimize risks for all parties involved, ensuring a high degree of success. By using our digital hub, we can effectively connect supply with demand, engaging and mobilizing significant groups of individuals.

Together, we ensure the ventures stay the course from the get-go till the final setup is accomplished.

iChoosr connects and empowers.

Making the switch to clean energy as easy as possible.


We streamline the process for households to receive attractive offers on sustainable energy solutions.

Service Providers

Certified providers of sustainable energy products can submit their offers to a large group of interested parties.

Project Partners

Our partners actively support these initiatives to empower their communities and amplify their sustainability footprint.

A selection of our partners:

“It’s nice to see how enthusiastic installers are about our program. We continuously work together to make the customer journey more transparent, smooth, and efficient.”

JeroenInstaller Manager at iChoosr

“One of my favorite parts of working on these programs is collaborating with our local, non-profit partners. Groups like Solar United Neighbors and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association helps us deliver quality outcomes for each of our participants, local government partners, and our qualified service providers.”

FredDirector of Community Engagement at iChoosr

Today is the day.

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