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Who we are.

We are challengers. We love cracking complexity together. Our mission-driven specialists - in the fields of sustainable energy, human behavior and digital solutions - go the extra mile to make it happen. Our partners value our positive mindset and customized approach.

At iChoosr, we…

move mountains together.

We combine our drive and talents to build a sustainable future.

stretch ourselves to move forward

We dare to leave our comfort zone and challenge the status quo to realize progress.

build long term relationships.

We create common ground, build trust and benefit everyone involved.

grab the bull by the horns.

We face inconvenient facts, confident that we’ll find a solution.

take ownership.

We take initiative, manage expectations and get stuff done.

listen, reflect and grow.

We give and receive constructive feedback and learn from experience.

all load the dishwasher, from intern to CEO.

No matter our role, we all pitch in.

value the great people we work with.

We inspire each other, help others to thrive, and have fun together.

Founded on positive energy.

‘How do we create benefits for both consumers and installers in today’s complex energy market?’ This was the million dollar question that led to the foundation of iChoosr, in 2008.

The key to success: scale. We created a group-buying model that brings together supply and demand, and saved a lot of time and money for installers and consumers.

By refining this proposition over the following years, we’ve obtained worthwhile results and have been building a network of project partners.

Today, we are a growing team of around 130 iChoosrs, working in local teams in 6 different countries! In over 15 years, we’ve established a unique culture with smart, committed professionals who go the extra mile to make it happen.

“Being part of iChoosr is a unique professional experience. The atmosphere is pleasant, inclusive, and transparent. Compared to other organizations, it's refreshing with quick decision-making, ample room for ideas, and the freedom to act on them.”

SophieChief People & Culture

Today is the day.

Excited to get started? We are too.