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Service Providers

Grow your business intelligently.

Looking to take your business to the next level and boost your profit? We're here to help make that happen by providing opportunities and smart, responsible growth strategies. You'll be working alongside highly skilled, driven, and adaptable individuals, all with the goal of achieving mutual success through honest communication and collaboration. Let's turn our shared vision into long-term growth.

Our promise.

A steady stream of clients

As a business, you want some level of certainty and consistency. Our projects can assist you in achieving a steady flow of customers, cash flow, and job opportunities.

Our project partners offer reliability

Our project partners strongly support our projects. Collaborating with reputable community leaders gives you the benefit of trust and validity.

Clients instead of prospects

There's no marketing cost for you. We connect with and engage customers, so by the time they reach you, they are fully informed and extremely driven.

Smart scaling of your business

Leverage the expertise, know-how, and resources we've accumulated over the last 15 years. We have the skills to assist you in expanding your enterprise.

Who are you?

We work with sustainable energy product installers, such as solar panels, heat pump providers, and renewable energy suppliers. Are you ready to scale up and make an impact?

qualification process.

We work with sustainable energy product installers, such as solar panels, heat pump providers, and renewable energy suppliers. Are you ready to scale up and make an impact?

To qualify, our installer managers guide you through three steps:

  1. Gathering essential details about the company using unbiased standards.
  2. Performing financial due diligence.
  3. Agreeing on a plan of action and drafting a detailed document on how you intend to execute the project.

What do other service providers say?

“Our experience with iChoosr has been great to date. They offer clear guidance on processes and an open-door policy that keeps everyone on the same page. We look forward to working with iChoosr again in the future.”

AdamProject Development Manager, Windfree Solar

“iChoosr is an incredible company that does great work for the community through their group buying solar programs. Together, we have been able to bring solar energy to hundreds of homes at below-market rates. Sunshine loves the IChoosr team for creating a seamless process for homeowners to go solar with confidence.”

Thomas DallefeldSales Director, Sunshine Renewable Solutions

“We have been a part of group buying programs/co-op multiple times in the past, but our first program with iChoosr was a breath of fresh air. Their processes are thought out and proven which leaves little ambiguity on what we, the installer need to do. Of course we still had questions but the iChoosr team was always there and willing to take the time to explain and answer any questions we had. Perhaps the most impactful part of the experience is the freedom they give the installer to handle their business. They have their guidelines well established, but it's not micromanaged. In the past co-op organizers would try to be far too involved in the installer's day to day workflow causing disruptions and ultimately negatively impacting the customer experience. There was none of that with Ichoosr.”

Zac HareVP of Residential Sales, Lumina Solar

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