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Grow your business intelligently.

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Interested in scaling up your business and increasing your revenue? We are here to create opportunities and help you grow in a smart and responsible way. You’ll work with driven, skilful and flexible people. Our goal is to create mutual success, built on honest communication and collaboration. Let’s turn our common ground into long-term growth.

Our promise.

Consistent client flow

As a business, you want some certainty and consistency. Our projects can help you ensure a consistent flow of clients, cash flow and employment opportunities.

Councils offer Reliability

Councils actively endorse our projects. Working with credible community leaders gives you the advantage of trust and legitimacy.

Customers rather than leads

There are no marketing costs for you. We reach and activate customers, so once they come your way they are well-informed and highly motivated.

Smart Scaling of your business

Tap into the knowledge, experience and tools we’ve gathered over the past 15 years. We know how to help you scale your business.

Who are you?

We work with installers of sustainable energy products, like solar panels and heat pumps, and with energy suppliers. Are you ready to scale up and make an impact?

Hassle- free
qualification process.

We work with installers of sustainable energy products, like solar panels and heat pumps, and with energy suppliers. Are you ready to scale up and make an impact?

  • Collecting company information, with objective criteria
  • Conducting financial due diligence
  • Agreeing a method of approach and creating a
    descriptive document about how you will deliver the project

What our partners say.

“The combination of a joint purchasing project sponsored by the local government and iChuzer, and construction carried out by a local supplier provides a solar system with a good balance of quality, price, and trust, and overall high satisfaction for local residents. We believe that this is the purchasing method.”

President Yoshifumi OzawaEnergy Supply Co., Ltd.

“We are happy that the model of group purchasing business that started in the Netherlands is being expanded to Japan, and that we can also participate. This project is a municipal project that aims to develop solar power generation equipment for zero carbon . I can feel the company's philosophy towards the popularization of iChoosr. It's been a great help as they provide various support. I hope to be involved in this business for a long time to come.”

Sales Manager Yutaka MaedaIshii Kawara Kogyo Co., Ltd.

“In group purchasing projects, iChoosr not only examines the bid product specifications together with the local government, but also examines everything from the construction level to the management status of the dealership. To be honest, the application conditions and documents to be submitted when participating in the bidding as a dealership are very strict. I think it's a small detail, but I think it's a way for customers to install the system with peace of mind without having to check on their own whether the product has solid specifications or whether it's a reliable sales company.”

Manager Mitsuhiko ItoJapan Ecosystem Co., Ltd.

A selection of our partners:

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