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Energise the future with us.

139 people
6 countries
20 nationalities

At iChoosr, you’ll contribute to our mission to speed up the energy transition. With our team of positive, open-minded and driven colleagues, we match consumers with qualified installers of sustainable energy products. Put your talent and energy to good use and join us!

Open positions.

We believe in the benefits of seeing your colleagues outside a screen once in a while. So while we give the flexibility to work from home, we also like our colleagues to come to our inspiring offices in the center of Amsterdam, London, Antwerp and Tokyo.

Project Manager
Supplier (Installer) Manager

“In my job, it is important to work closely with business operators. We communicate daily while respecting each other's opinions in order to construct safe and efficient solar power generation equipment. We believe that jointly solving problems and delivering quality results will improve our contribution to the environment and the quality of our service to society.”

Sho Yamasakisupplier management team

“I find it very rewarding to work on innovative projects that promote sustainable energy through the iChoosr platform. I face challenges every day, work with my team members, repeat trial and error, and learn new things. Experiencing the process of working together with others to find a solution will add vitality and fun to your life.”

Tomohiro Hayashisupplier management team

Experts in giving energy.

“It feels like family”. Without wanting to make it sound mushy, this often how colleagues refer to the informal and inclusive atmosphere.

At the same time, we are all driven, smart, curious and highly motivated to make an impact. We are challengers, we love cracking complexity together.

Some of our perks.

  • Working with us, you’ll be in charge of your career. Together, we make sure your journey will bring lots of new experiences, knowledge, connections and memorable moments.
  • We organise regular events and have offices in buzzing, easy-to-reach locations. Because we know that you can get the most out of yourself if the circumstances are right.
  • We value continuous learning and we will support you in developing your competencies.

“The group purchasing business is a project that will enrich our lives and the future of the earth. We are passionately working hand in hand with local governments to realize a sustainable society. We are delivering green energy to each home and each business, and are leading the energy shift for tomorrow.”

Yusuke Saruyaproject management team

“The past year has been full of new challenges and self-discovery for me, as I made a career change from an office job to a sales position. My office experience has given me new strengths in the sales field, and I am putting my attention to detail and communication skills to good use. At this company, new challenges are always waiting for you, and you can aim for further growth and success while leveraging your own experience. You can build on your past experience and expand your possibilities in new fields.”

Natsuko Sunagasupplier management team

What you'll work on

At iChoosr, we match demand and supply for sustainable energy products through our easy-to-use platforms. Our expertise lies in the fields of sustainable energy, human behaviour and digital solutions.

What your day will look like, depends on your role. But surely you will contribute to our mission, by making it easy for consumers to get a good offer and make a well-informed decision. In the same time, you will help councils and installers to reach their sustainability and business goals. Everyone benefits from your work!

Today is the day.

Excited to get started? We are too.