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A trusted long-term partner.

iChoosr is known as a dedicated partner. We help you grab the bull by the horns and achieve tangible results. Building on 15 years of experience, we make it easy for you to achieve your goals. We’ve got you covered.

Partnered with nearly 40 local governments
More than 265 bids received
Engagement with over 2 million households

We help you scale up.

Our projects make it easy and low-risk for our partners to join, with a high certainty of results. Through our digital platform, we match demand and supply, reaching and activating sizable groups of people.

Together, we keep the projects on track from initial kick-off until the final installation is finished.

iChoosr connects and empowers.

We make it easy for everyone to contribute to the energy transition.


Our projects make it easy for households to receive an attractive offer for sustainable energy products.


Qualified installers get the opportunity to make an offer to a sizable group of interested people.


Councils actively endorse the projects in order to empower their citizens and give a boost to their sustainability impact.

Some of the partners we have worked with:

“Group purchasing is a project that enriches our lives and the future of the earth.

We are passionately working hand in hand with local governments to realize a sustainable society. We deliver green energy to each home and business, and are leading the energy shift for tomorrow.”

Yusuke Saruya - Yusukeproject management group

Today is the day.

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