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When you visit our website, we store small pieces of data known as cookies on your computer or mobile device. These cookies help us recall your preferences and actions, like login details or language selection, to improve your future browsing experience on our site. Additionally, cookies may be employed for analysing user activities or for targeted advertising. We inform you about the types of cookies we use, their purposes, and whether your consent is required.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are crucial for our website to operate as intended. They, for instance, allow videos to be displayed correctly. These cookies can be placed without requiring your consent.

Analytical Cookies/Tags

Analytical cookies help us gather data on how visitors interact with our website. They provide statistics on aspects like how often the website is visited, which pages are most frequently clicked, and the entry page.

We utilise tools like Google Adwords Conversion, Bing Tags, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics for this purpose. The data collected is stored in the United States by Google. If legally mandated, Google may share this information with third parties. To safeguard your privacy, we have a processing agreement with Google, anonymise the last segment of IP addresses, and restrict Google from using the collected data for other services.

A/B Testing Cookies

With A/B testing, we show two different versions (Version A and Version B) of our website. We use cookies to determine which version is most effective. We place an A/B testing cookie for this purpose using Visual Website Optimiser. Permission to do this is required. 

Tracking cookies/remarketing cookies

These cookies monitor your online behaviour to optimise ads according to your preferences, and for re-engaging with you outside of our website. To achieve this, profiles are created. If you consent to these cookies, third parties like Facebook and Google may also access the collected information. We use cookies from Facebook Pixel, Facebook Custom Audience, Google AdWords Remarketing and Conversion, and Adform. Since these cookies impact your privacy, we require your permission to use them.

Privacy Statements of Third Parties

If you’re interested in how the mentioned third parties handle your privacy, you can find Google Analytics’ privacy statement here.

The privacy statement of Facebook can be found here.
The privacy statement of Google Adwords can be found here.
The privacy statement of Adwords can be found here.

These statements change regularly. To stay updated, please check these statements often.

Prefer Not to Accept Cookies?

You can choose to block all cookies through your browser settings, but note that our website may not function optimally. We recommend selectively disabling only unwanted cookies via your browser settings. If you use multiple devices and/or browsers, you’ll need to repeat this action for each combination.

You can also remove all previously stored information through your browser settings.


This cookie policy is subject to change. Please review this statement regularly. For any questions or concerns about our cookie policy, please contact our Privacy and Security Officer, Marc Fielmich, through