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Project Manager

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As a member of the project management group, you will make various improvements to create an environment where participants can more easily make decisions based on the information provided.

Specifically: –

Manage the entire business platform, customer journey and processes
– Develop an efficient and effective platform with the help of development support from our IT systems team located in Belgium.
・Work with the business manager and project manager to understand the current situation of the solar panel business in Japan and take effective approaches to the market in order to expand our business.
・Reflect the decisions made by the team into a roadmap, clarify objectives and priorities, collaborate with team members, and create a schedule for the implementation plan.
・As the contact person for the local government, lead them effectively.
・Using data analysis techniques to explore new business opportunities and appropriately target targets
・Carefully analyze project risks and make accurate proposals for resolution and improvement
・Manage resources for the project team – Accurately convey the content of requirements to the development team, including the IT system team
– Share the project status with the project manager and other stakeholders in a timely manner
– Project team, business manager, project manager, and all related parties We will deal with questions and problems faced by people in a professional manner.

About collaborating members

You will work as a member of the project management group, working closely with the business manager and project manager who manage the execution and profitability of the entire project. In addition, you will work with staff based in our European headquarters on platform development, marketing, and data analysis.

What we can provide

・You will be able to work on challenging work in an open environment with highly motivated colleagues at an international company in a period of growth.
・Attractive annual salary based on previous experience and 20 days of paid vacation per year. .
・Environment where you can grow as a businessperson and experience the company’s growth
・Free and flexible work system


・Graduated from a 4-year university (bachelor’s degree) or above
・Practical, with a sales mindset and sales skills (recommended 4 or more years of sales experience)
・Those who enjoy taking on new challenges without being bound by established tasks or positions
・Ability to work at an office in Tokyo

[Welcome (WANT)]

・Have a mindset that allows you to enjoy overcoming difficulties
・Be able to work with a challenging spirit in order to create something new from scratch rather than just doing routine work.
Have an entrepreneurial spirit. Must be highly motivated to work in an international company
Not allergic to English